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Committed to Designing

a System which Meets

your Unique Needs


In order to design the best system for your home, our Sales/Service Manager AJ (Anthony Joseph) will need to visit your home to see the layout of your house and discuss what you want in terms of equipment brand, efficiency, appearance, etc.  Based on this information, he will then determine if your vision is possible within the confines of the structure and space of your property.  AJ has been installing various types of HVAC systems for years and knows first-hand how equipment needs to be installed to work properly.  For example, you may want a mini-split evaporator on a certain wall, but he will know if the drain line will work at this location or if the high efficiency gas furnace you want to install can be properly vented to meet state and town code requirements.  

This onsite appointment can take 30 minutes to an hour.  However, once AJ leaves your home, there is additional time spent designing the system, soliciting pricing from our various suppliers, creating your individual proposal to include the specific details discussed at the onsite review and, finally, to call and confirm you have received our proposal.  There is no cost to you for this onsite review.  But, as you can see, for us as a company, there is significant time, costs and expertise associated with this process.  Because of this, we ask you to please communicate with us after we send you the proposal, even if you decide to wait or move forward with another company.

In order to make the most of this onsite appointment and to deliver a product and service best suited to your needs, please review the information we will be gathering:

  • What equipment are you interested in installing: a mini-split system, a conventional A/C system, a high efficiency furnace, a combi-boiler, a hybrid hot water heater, etc.?

  • Do you want to condition the entire home or only one floor or specific rooms?

  • Do you have a budget or do you have a ballpark figure for the cost of the system you are wanting to install?

  • Do you have a timetable? (Our proposals are good for 30 days only, as this is the pricing guarantee we  receive from our suppliers)

  • Have you had the RISE Energy Audit and are you interested in the associated rebates?

  • Will you be applying for zero percent financing through RISE?

  • Are you interested in financing through our NEIF lending partner?

Installation Proposals

Below is an example of an installation proposal for a mini-split system.  We email the proposal and call to confirm receipt.  Upon customer review and acceptance, the signed proposal and deposit check can be mailed or dropped at our office.  As soon as we receive the signed proposal and deposit check, we order the equipment and schedule the work for dates convenient for you. 


Payments are normally split as shown on this proposal:  40% deposit, 30% at Day One of installation and 30% when we send you the final invoice along with your warranty paperwork. For installations taking only

one day, we require 60% as a deposit and 40% when we send the final invoice and warranty paperwork.


Because we do not build the additional expense of credit card processing fees into our installation pricing, we stipulate payments are to be made by check.  However, if customers prefer to pay by credit card, they certainly may do so by paying the 3% fee associated with the payment amount.


PROPOSAL for website VORTECHS MINI SPLIT 021722.jpg

financing available

Payments Accepted

We have partnered with NEIF

(National Energy Improvement Fund)

which offers fair and transparent financing to customers.  With competitive rates, a stream-lined application process and almost immediate approval, NEIF has made financing a new HVAC system accessible and stress-free.


We accept check, cash,

Visa and Mastercard.

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